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The Knowledge Base has more than 287 support references, created by support professionals who have resolved issues for our customers. It is constantly updated, expanded, and refined to ensure that you have access to the very latest information. Begin by browsing folders on the left side of this site.
  1. AU Registrar
  2. Enroll in Career Development Courses (CDCs) and Firefighter Courses?
  3. Certificate of course completion?
  4. Transcript question?
  5. Re-enrollment vs Reactivation Q: How do I request re-enrollment for a mandatory CDC?
  6. Reactivation vs Re-enrollment Q: How do I request reactivation of a mandatory CDC?
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  1. AU Commercial Internet Services
  2. What is the purpose of AUCIS?
  3. How do I access with Android devices?
  4. How do I access with Windows devices?
  5. Can I use my wireless printer on AUCIS?
  6. How do I access with IOS device?
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  1. Officer PME Record Updates
  2. I am checking the Assignment Management System (AMS) and my PME is not updated. Why not?
  3. I have completed the Joint and Combined Warfighting School (JCWS)/Advanced or Joint Professional Military Education (AJPME) program at the Joint Forces Staff College (JFSC) which grants JPME Phase II credit; How do I get my records updated?
  4. I completed SOS, ACSC, AWC (or SAASS ASG) at the Air University. How do I ensure my PME record is updated?
  5. I am a reserve/guard officer who completed the Air Command and Staff College/Air War College non-residence course. How do I receive my retirement points?
  6. How do I contact the Officer PME Office?
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  1. Air War College (SDE) FAQs
  2. Program Enrollment AWC/SDE - Military Program Enrollment (O5/O5 Select or higher)
  3. Technical Issues AWC/SDE - How do I access my AUSIS account?
  4. Program Enrollment AWC/SDE - Civilian Program Enrollment
  5. Blackboard Issues/Refrences AWC/SDE - How do I change my Blackboard Password?
  6. New SDE 18.0 Program AWC/SDE - How is the new Edition 18 program different from the current 17.4 Edition?
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  1. Air Command & Staff College (IDE/JPME1) FAQs
  2. Reserve and Guard ACSC/IDE - ARCS (Air Reserve Component Seminar) Program Information
  3. Enrollment Process for the non-Master's Program ACSC/IDE - Military enrollment for ACSC non-Master's course. (O4/O4 Select or higher)
  4. Enrollment Process for the non-Master's Program ACSC/IDE - Government civilian enrollment into the ACSC non-Master's program.
  5. Program Discriptions - OLMP/non-Master's Program ACSC/IDE - ACSC's Non-Master's Program Description.
  6. Course Material ACSC/IDE - Can I access ACSC DL 6.0 on a mobile device (e.g. iPad, Android tablet, etc.)?
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  1. Squadron Officer College (SOC)
  2. Prospective SOS DL Students (PLEASE READ)
  1. Barnes Center for Enlisted PME ALS, NCOA, SNCOA
  2. HOT TOPICS EPME DL Re-Enrollment Policy & Request Letters
  3. HOT TOPICS SNCO DLC Announcement 2016
  4. HOT TOPICS Updated BCI 36-2301 for EPME Distance learning
  5. HOT TOPICS NCO DLC Announcement - 2017
  6. HOT TOPICS What are the computing requirements for non-ALS resident courses?
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  1. General FAQs
  2. Contact Us
  3. Where can I find the E-exam Student Guide?
  4. Where do I find Education and Training Course Announcements (ETCA)?
  5. How do I gain access to CDSAR?
  6. My screen resolution is very small when opening up Course 14.
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  1. Recent Hot Topics
  2. Procedures to follow if student fails course two times.
  3. What happens if I receive an e-mail from myPers concerning active duty students in course 14/15?
  4. AFPC DL EPME Notification Instructions
  1. Learning Collaboration Environments
  2. Microsoft Surface Hub user guides, reference material and introduction video.
  3. How to add the MS Hub to Unit Equipment Account
  4. We would like to request that the Microsoft Surface Hubs in our facility be hard-wired to AUCIS. We believe that the hard-wired connections will provide better and faster connectivity to AUCIS than the wireless connections we currently have.
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