How do I access my course on AU Online (ADLS derivative)?

You may access your course two ways—directly and through the Air Force Portal.

Direct Access:

1.  Type in the web address:  This opens directly to the Air University (AU) Online.  AU Online is Common Access Card (CAC)-enabled, but you may use a login ID and password to access the website.
2.  If you are a new user, click New User’s Link and follow  instructions, then follow instructions 3-5 below.

Air Force Portal Access:
1.  Log onto the Air Force Portal using your CAC or password.
2.  Under the header, Education/Training Force Development, locate and click the ADLS–Advanced Distributive Learning link.
3.  Click the ADLS Gateway link in the lower left- or right-hand side of the screen. This leads to the available derivative sites. The Air University (AU) patch should appear under the “You are currently associated with Derivatives:” Click on the AU patch. (If you click AU Course List, you will need to click Go to AU highlighted in yellow at bottom of pop up screen).
4.  Proceed to the AU Online derivative site. Once in the AU Online derivative site, click either Course List button (right or left menu) . Click Career Development Course, and locate your CDC.
5.  Click the Information icon to display course information and Course Development Student Administration (CDSAR) and to validate enrollment access.  Click Validation link or Request Access link to verify your enrollment.  After successfully verifying enrollment, the course will be available for access.

NOTE: If you are NOT currently associated with the AU derivative, click on the AU patch and follow the instructions on the web page.

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