ALS Distance Learning Course Enrollment

Enrollment for the Airman Leadership Distance Learning Course will no longer be accomplished through the local base education office, but rather on-line via self-registration through the Air University Student Information System (AUSIS) website located at .  If you cannot gain access with the previous website, please try using the same steps below.

Note: These instructions below must be completed from domain (government computer) using a valid CAC.



Steps for account creation are as follows:

(1) New AUSIS Users Only – Click on CAC Login

(2) Select a Certificate and click “Ok”

(3) Fill in all the “Required Information – Bolded Items,” Click “Next” to continue

(4) Read the “Create Account” information

(5) Click on “Login to AU Portal”

(6) Click “Request Student Access” button. Read/Accept the disclaimer

Note: All items with a RED * must be provided to successfully create an account, with a special note to the following fields:

Service: Active Duty – Air Force Enlisted

             ANG – Air National Guard Enlisted - (EAD)(Full Time)

             ANG – Air National Guard Enlisted - (Non EAD) (Part Time)

             AFRC – Air Force Reserve Enlisted – (EAD)(Full Time)

             AFRC – Air Force Reserve Enlisted – (Non EAD) (Part Time)

(7) To locate your Test Control Facility (TCF), click on the “Change” link next to the “Select TCF” field Select your state and pick the TCF Zip location where you will be testing.

(8) Enter your DSN or Comm Phone, Email and Confirm Email

(9) Once all items with a RED * are provided, click the “Save” button

(10) Under the “Select a program to enroll in”, Select “ALS DL (Course 3 Version 1)” Read and check each of the course acknowledgments

(11) Again, verify that your selected TCF is correct and click the “Enroll” button

After successful enrollment, you will received a system generated email with details on accessing your course through the Air University Student Information System (AUSIS) website



Note: If account setup is unsuccessful, please submit a help ticket to EPME DL Student Support at for assistance with registering your account.

Please follow the steps below to submit a help ticket.

(1) Once at the support website locate the menu bar across the top and hover over "Request Support" then click on "Submit a Ticket"

(2) Fill in all of the required information. Please include: mailing address, Testing Control Facility (Base), telephone number

(3) Use the "Attach File" link to upload your Career Data Brief (CDB) which can be found on vMPF (located on the AF Portal). This needs to be sent in either .jpg, .pdf, or .xps format.

If you are Guard or Reserve, please submit your Summary or Points sheet as well.  

Once we receive this, we will verify your information and manually enroll you into the course.

Note: Instructions on how to retrieve your information follows:

Log on to VMPF

Get your Career Data Brief (CDB) which is located on the left side of the screen

On the next screen on the left side you should see CDB, click on it

Now once it comes up

Right Click on the screen and select print

When the Print window appears, go to select a Printer and click on Adobe PDF

And then PRINT

Save to your desk top.


If you have any problems contact the Distance Learning help desk at 1-800-262-9140 option 4, DSN 596 6958 or 334 416 6958,

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