How do I enroll in Course 00003?

Enrollment for the Airman Leadership Distance Learning Course will no longer be accomplished through the local base education office, but rather on-line via self registration through the Air University Student Information System (AUSIS) website located at .

Steps for account creation are as follows:

(1)  Move cursor over and select "create an account." Select "ALS DL Program."  This will send the enrollee to the AU Portal to create a student account.

(2) From the right menu select the 'None of the above' or 'CAC' option under New User Account ('None of the Above' option allows you to create a username and password account so you can login on a non-CAC enabled computer) - then select Create New Account (ensure input is supplied for all bolded fields) - select create account.

(3)  Once the account is created (screen message will confirm creation), select login to the AU portal.

(4)  Using left menu fill in User name and Password and select Log in - Ok.

(5) Select the Account Type - Request Student Access, Accept disclaimer

(6)  Under Select a Program to Enroll In choose ALS DL (Course 00003).  Fill out all the information.  Select/change the Test Control Facility (TCF) that the student will use to test for Course 00003. Click "CHANGE to select the TCF where you plan to test.  You may change this later as needed if you will be deployed or TDY for an extended time. You MUST select a TCF in order to enroll; if the field is blank, your enrollment will error out. (eligibility to enroll in the course will be confirmed click ok) - read and check/accept all 3 statements of understanding - and select enroll.

(7) Media selection - upon registration, students will have the option to choose from one of two forms of media: hardcopy books or softcopy, electronic files. If the hardcopy is ordered, it will take a few weeks for the printed materials to be mailed. The electronic version will be available for immediate download in PDF format.  Due to a software glitch, the student must log out and log back in to see the downloadable files. Click on the "Course Materials" tab to begin downloading the files.  There is no difference in the course content between the hardcopy and the PDFs.

If you have any problems contact the Distance Learning help desk at DSN 596 6958 or 334 416 6958

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