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Current course materials are available from the following links:

Note 1: After clicking the link, if prompted, select "Save" file not open!

Note 2: Students are responsible for ensuring that they download the most current version of course materials.

Note 3: Editions to course materials are updated when grammatical error(s) are corrected or the removal of course material no longer required for successful course completion i.e. websites.


Before downloading course material please review the ALS Distance Learning Handbook for course policies.

ALS DLC Version 1 (Course 3)

Course Material Edition Date Updated
Set A Volume 1: Course Foundation 09 3 May 2017
Set A Volume 2: Expeditionary Airman 06 13 March 2017
Set A Volume 3: Professional Airman 06 13 March 2017
Set B Volume 1: Supervisory Communicator 06 13 March 2017
Set B Volume 2: Supervisor of Airmen 07 13 March 2017








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