Accessing Course Materials on Blackboard

***"The Blackboard system has encountered a bug.  Some individuals are unable to view their study material at this time.  Headquarters AU is aware of the issue and is working to rectify it.  They do not have an estimated date it will be fixed, but they are working it.  Please refrain from placing a trouble ticket for this matter as we are aware.  Thank you."***

As mentioned in the email message, we have established your course enrollment in the Air University Student Information System (AUSIS). Be sure to read and understand the handbook of the Course Version you are enrolled in:


NCO Distance Learning Course Handbook

Legacy Course 14v6 Handbook
SNCO Distance Learning Course Handbook


Are you eager to start?  Please follow the instructions below in order to access your course material on Blackboard.


Downloadable Login Instructions


Once the enrollment is processed, the access to the course materials on Blackboard will be activated within 24 hours.

Once your course material is available:


1) Open a browser window and login to the AU Portal:

(If doing this from a non-military networked computer, you will need to login to the AF Portal. Then you will need to go to the Air University Portal (.mil) link in the Education/Training/Force Development section of the Quick Links column)


Mouse over the "My Info" link on the left side of the screen, and select "Account Info".

You will need the User Name on this page, adding .au to the end of it.

Mouse over the "My Info" link again, and select "Contact Info".

Your last name and first name (as they appear on this screen) will be used in the next step.


2) Open a separate window/tab and go to the Blackboard password reset screen at


3) Under the "Username Option", fill in the requested fields using the information gathered in Step 1, with one exception. You will need to add “.au” (without quotes) to the end of your AU Portal User Name. (ex:

  • -- After you submit this information, a password reset notification will be sent to the email address you entered on your AU Portal account.
  • -- When you receive your password, log into the main Blackboard page at

Note: If you do not receive an email within an hour, please contact the Distance Learning Helpdesk for assistance.


 If you have recently taken a college distance learning course, you may have used this learning management system or a similar type of interface.  However, unlike a typical college course, the SNCOA DL courses are completely self-study.


While this gives you the freedom to progress through the material at your own pace, it also requires you to stay engaged in the course until you have successfully completed the program.  I encourage you to review the course syllabus and student handbook once you gain access to the course materials, as together they provide the structure and requirements for successfully completing your program.  


If you need any assistance, our team is dedicated to your success in this course and will assist you to the best of it's abilities.


You can reach me or my team:


By phone at (334) 416-1736 or DSN: 596-1736, Mon-Fri 0700-1600 (excluding federal holidays and AETC family days), or through our support website


Again, welcome and good luck in the course!


Distance Learning Student Support
Barnes Center for Enlisted Education


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