SOS DL 2.0/PDE - Military Enrollments for SOS DL 2.0 (O3/O3 Select)

Requirements for Enrollment:


1. Active Duty line officers are prohibited from enrolling in the SOS DL course until 7 years TAFCS.

2. Active Duty LAF-J, HC and NC officers are prohibited from enrolling in SOS DL until 3 years' time-in-grade as a captain.

3. Active Duty MSC and BSC officers are prohibited from enrolling in SOS DL until 2 years' time-in-grade as a captain.

4. Active Duty MC and DC officers may enroll in SOS DL on or after their date of rank to captain.

5. Guard and Reserve officers may enroll in SOS DL upon their selection to captain.

6. Federal civilian employees click here for enrollment information.

7. International officers may refer to AFI 36-2301, Paragraph 11.3, for enrollment criteria and procedures.



 Steps to enroll



1) Go to the Air Force Portal ( and use your to CAC login. If you have never created an Air Force Portal account before, go to the page and please click on the link Register for a new AF Portal Account w/ your CAC.


2) Locate the "Quick Links" section (grey bar with words "Quick Links" near the middle of the page)


3) Directly below the "Quick Links" bar, there is a search box. Type in the following into the search box: Air University Portal


4) This will bring up the link "Air University Portal (.mil)"


5) Click on "Air University Portal (.mil)"



6) On the AU Portal page, click on button “Click here to login or create a new account”. (If you have never created an AU Portal account, please click here).


7) Click on “Log In” under CAC Login.


8) On the left menu hover over “Distance Learning”, then hover over “SOS DL”, then click on “AUSIS.”



9) Once on AUSIS page, click on the “Enroll in Program” link on left side of page. You may need to scroll all the way down the page and click on the “Accept” button. This should allow the “Enroll in Program” link to appear. If you don't see this, and you see a screen with 3 buttons in the middle, select the one on labeled "Request Student Access".

(***NOTE*** If you do both of these steps, and you still cannot find where to enroll, click on the “View Progress” link. If it takes you to a page that shows that you are enrolled into the Orientation course in the middle of the screen, then you have been enrolled into the program.)



10) After clicking on the “Enroll in Program” link, follow instructions and fill out the required information to complete the enrollment.


11) After you have completed your AUSIS enrollment, the system will automatically create your Blackboard account. It is usually created within a few minutes, however, it can take as long as 24-48 hours.


If you have any questions about enrollment or if you are having difficulty with enrollment, please submit a help ticket.

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