SOS DL 2.0/PDE - Civilian Enrollment for SOS DL 2.0 (GS 9-12 or equivalent)

Requirements for Enrollment:


Federal civilian employees in the grades of GS-9, DCIPS PB2, and NAF 3/4 and above who possess regionally-accredited baccalaureate degrees and who have completed their probationary periods (that is, have finished two years as federal employees) may enroll, according to AFI 36-2301, Table 6.


***IMPORTANT NOTE*** You cannot be enrolled into more than 1 PME program at a time. If you are currently in an "Active" status in another PME program (ALS, NCOA, SNCOA, ACSC, AWC), you will need to request disenrollment from that program in order to enroll into this PME program.



If you meet these requirements please follow the actions below:


1) Create an AU Portal/AUSIS account if you have not done so already (see section below for instruction, you must use CAC enabled computer either at work or home).


2) Ensure that the email address, work, and personal contact information is current.


3) Once your AU Portal account is created, or if you already have an established account, please locate your “User Name” by hovering your mouse over “My Info” then click on “Account Info”. You will be required to provide the "User Name" to the eSchool Student Services Office for enrollment into the program.


4) Obtain and send us your Career Brief.


5) To access your Career Brief, please go to the “MyBiz+” website. You can access this page from the Air Force Portal. (***For civilians outside of the Air Force, please provide official documentation with your name, your current civilian pay grade, and educational level. Please ensure that it is dated within the last 6 months. Please be mindful of PII.***)


6) Once logged on to the MyBiz+ site, click on the hyperlink “Civilian Career Brief” located on the left side of the screen in the box labeled “Key Services”. This will provide you with a PDF with your pay grade info as well as your educational level.


***Please note that there is no PII annotated on this PDF***


7) Once complete, click here to submit a help ticket to provide your request for enrollment, Career Brief, and “User Name” from the AU Portal, and await further instructions from eSchool Student Services. Please ensure that you select the "eSchool of GPME” organization dropdown when prompted.



If you do not already have an established Air University Portal/AUSIS account, please complete the following:


1) Login to the Air Force Portal (


2) Once logged in to the Air Force Portal, hit Ctrl+f on your keyboard to open the page search box and type in the following into the search box: Air University Portal


3) This will locate the link "Air University Portal"


4) Click on "Air University Portal"


5) On the new page, click on "Click here to Login or Create New Account" button in the middle of the page


6) Click on "Create New Account"


7) Follow directions on new page to create your account

          - After this step is where you will obtain your "User Name" as described in the section above.


8) On the left menu hover over “Distance Learning”, then hover over “SOS DL”, then click on “AUSIS.”


9) Once on AUSIS page, click on the “Enroll in Program” link on left side of page. You may need to scroll all the way down the page and click on the “Accept” button. This should allow the “Enroll in Program” link to appear. If you don't see this, and you see a screen with 3 buttons in the middle, select the one on labeled "Request Student Access".


10) Fill out the information requested and ensure to include a TCF by clicking the hyperlinked word "Change" if there are no numbers in the white box.


11) When the window opens up, select any state in the dropdown then click on the search button


12) Click on any blue number on the left of the window. It doesn't matter which one you choose as this is just for AUSIS programming purposes only. You will not go to an actual TCF as all exams are online.


13) Once the page is completely filled out and you hit the "Enroll" button, you will receive this error - "A problem has occurred. Please contact DL Support if the problem persists." This is when you will submit your help ticket with your "User Name" and Career Brief so we can enroll you.

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