Air Command & Staff College (IDE/JPME1) FAQs

  1. Technical Issues
  2. ACSC/IDE - I am having an issue with a Progress Check, ILA, or exercise in a ACSC DL 6.0 course. Who can I contact to get feedback or grades corrected?
  3. ACSC/IDE - I am in the National Security Decision Making (NSDM) Simulation and have completed all of the qualification checks, but the next mission is not available. What do I need to do?
  4. ACSC/IDE - I am doing an ILA in ACSC DL 6.0. The ILA is locking up and not letting me choose answers. How can I fix this?
  5. ACSC/IDE - Do you support my browser? Is the website compatible with an Apple Macintosh computer?
  6. ACSC/IDE - Saving Games
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  1. Blackboard Issues/Refernces
  2. ACSC/IDE - First time logging into Blackboard.
  3. ACSC/IDE - Blackboard doesn't recognize me when I try to login, what do I do?
  4. ACSC/IDE - I requested a new password from Blackboard, but still have not received the email. What do I do?
  5. ACSC/IDE - I just signed up for ACSC DL 6.0, where is my Blackboard account?
  6. ACSC/IDE - How do I change my Blackboard Password?
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  1. Course Material
  2. ACSC/IDE - Can I access ACSC DL 6.0 on a mobile device (e.g. iPad, Android tablet, etc.)?
  3. ACSC/IDE - I am receiving Blackboard notices for ACSC DL 6.0 with discussion threads and other items. How do I turn this off?
  4. ACSC/IDE - Must I take the courses in order?
  5. ACSC/IDE - My next course isn't showing up in the system; what should I do?
  6. ACSC/IDE - Can I do my ACSC readings in a Kindle, Nook, or other ebook reader?
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  1. Disenrollments, Extensions, and Filing Complaints
  2. ACSC/IDE - How do I request an extension?
  3. ACSC/IDE - The web says I'm not eligible to enroll. What do I do?
  4. ACSC/IDE - How can I disenroll from ACSC?
  5. ACSC/IDE - I previously completed work under DL 5.x, do I get credit for those courses in DL 6.0?
  6. ACSC/IDE - I'm in the Civil Air Patrol, how do I register?
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  1. Enrollment Process for the non-Master's Program
  2. ACSC/IDE - Military enrollment for ACSC non-Master's course. (O4/O4 Select or higher)
  3. ACSC/IDE - Government civilian enrollment into the ACSC non-Master's program.
  4. ACSC/IDE - How to create/access your AU Portal Account
  1. General
  2. ACSC/IDE - If I have problems with the web site, what should I do?
  3. ACSC/IDE - What is this "Daily Notification Dashboard Summary" I am receiving?
  4. ACSC/IDE - How can I view my student record?
  5. ACSC/IDE - Can I access this web site from my home computer?
  6. ACSC/IDE - How do I access AUSIS?
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  1. OLMP Admission
  2. ACSC/IDE - I am a military member and want to enroll in the Online Master's Program. What is the process?
  3. ACSC/IDE - What are the eligibility requirements for military personnel to enroll into the Online Master's Program?
  4. ACSC/IDE - What are the requirements for civilians to apply for admission into the Online Master's Program?
  1. Program Completion
  2. ACSC/IDE - How can I get a transcript?
  3. ACSC/IDE - I'm a Navy student that completed ACSC. How do I get my records updated?
  4. ACSC/IDE - Which schools offer graduate credit for completing ACSC by correspondence?
  5. ACSC/IDE - I just completed ACSC. When will my SURF be updated at AFPC?
  6. ACSC/IDE - I have an upcoming promotion board. How can I ensure ACSC completion is in my record?
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  1. Program Discriptions - OLMP/non-Master's Program
  2. ACSC/IDE - ACSC's Non-Master's Program Description.
  3. ACSC/IDE - ACSC's OLMP Description.
  1. Reserve and Guard
  2. ACSC/IDE - ARCS (Air Reserve Component Seminar) Program Information
  3. ACSC/IDE- How many retirement points will I receive for completing the ACSC DL program?
  4. ACSC/IDE - What is the ACSC ARCS Program?
  5. ACSC/IDE - What is the curriculum of ACSC ARCS Program?
  6. ACSC/IDE - How do I apply for the ACSC ARCS Program?
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