1. Enrollment
  2. Where can I find a current list of e-CDCs that are available for skill level course enrollment?
  3. Can a trainee switch to paper CDC if he or she is enrolled in an e-CDC?
  4. How do we manage the enrollments of members in the ANG/Reserves who have limited access to a computer?
  5. Will the enrollment process remain the same as the paper-based course?
  1. Course Access
  2. How do I access my course on AU Online (ADLS derivative)?
  3. Can anyone access the courses on the Advanced Distributed Learning System (ADLS)?
  4. Can trainees download all volumes once they log into AU Online?
  5. Will trainees enrolled in their CDCs be able to access their courses at AU Online from home?
  6. Why am I not able to access the link to the specific CDC volume?
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  1. Unit Review Exercise (URE)
  2. What’s the process for unit training managers’ (UTM) access to unit review exercise (URE) answer key and field scoring sheet?
  3. Where does the supervisor or trainer go to obtain an unit review exercise (URE) answer key for a trainee?
  4. Can the trainees write their answers for the unit review exercises (URE) on the PDF?
  1. Printing
  2. Have you explored the printing of the e-CDC on high ops tempo career fields who have little access to computers when they are deployed downrange, specifically those who are attached to or working with the Army?
  3. Are the units expected to cover the cost for printing if the students print their entire course?
  4. Is the print option going to put a strain on the unit's budget?
  1. Community of Practice (CoP)
  2. I’m a supervisor and trainer. Can I have access to the e-CDC (URE answer key) folder?
  3. I just became a member of the A4L electronic-Career Development Courses (e-CDCs) CoP. Why am I still unable to access the e-CDC (URE answer keys) folder?
  4. When I clicked on “become a member” on the e-CDC CoP, I received an email from AFKN stating, “You have been granted access to the 'A4L electronic-Career Development Courses (e-CDCs) CoP'.”, but when I attempt to access the e-CDC Answer Keys folder, I could not access the folder. How do I gain access to the folder?
  1. Unit Training Manager
  2. How can unit training managers (UTM) determine if a paper CDC is on hold?
  3. The table identifies the difference between a paper-based CDC an online-delivered CDC, and a CDC delivered by a DVD. Note the difference in the suffix in the table.
  4. Can I as the Unit Training Manager obtain a copy of the online-delivered CDC orientation?
  5. What are the CDC upgrade training requirements for students enrolled in 4Y051?
  6. In this new delivery method of Advanced Distributed Learning Service (ADLS) delivery will the unit training manager (UTM) or supervisor of the trainee be removed from the process?
  1. Miscellaneous
  2. How will pen-and-ink changes and supplements be incorporated into the courses delivered through AU Online?
  3. What is the rationale for making upgrade training CDCs available on the Advanced Distributed Learning Service (ADLS) instead of the WAPS CDC reference material?
  4. Is it possible to place Weighted Airman Promotion System (WAPS) material on the AU Online ADLS?
  5. I have completed a volume, but the next volume is not available. What do I do?
  6. Will CDCs eventually become more interactive?
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