Air War College (SDE) FAQs

  1. Technical Issues
  2. AWC/SDE - How do I access my AUSIS account?
  3. AWC/SDE - Can the course be completed on a Mac and iPad?
  4. AWC/SDE - I'm receiving a CA certificate error message when I try to access AUSIS through the AF Portal. How do I resolve this issue?
  5. AWC/SDE - How do enable Compatibility View?
  1. Blackboard Issues/Refrences
  2. AWC/SDE - How do I change my Blackboard Password?
  3. AWC/SDE - First time logging into Blackboard.
  4. AWC/SDE - Why is some of the course content not available when I login to my Blackboard account?
  5. AWC/SDE - I just enrolled into a course in AUSIS today. Why did it disappear from Blackboard?
  6. AWC/SDE - Why can't I upload an avatar or update my profile in Blackboard from a .mil domain?
  1. Courses
  2. AWC/SDE - How do I select a Test Control Facility (TCF)?
  3. AWC/SDE - How do I enroll into a course in AUSIS?
  1. Disenrollments and Extensions
  2. AWC/SDE - I'm not going to finish my course by the due date in AUSIS. Can I get an extension?
  3. AWC/SDE - Why was I disenrolled when a new edition was implemented?
  1. Graduation
  2. AWC/SDE - I'm meeting a board and my graduation is not showing in my records and I have not yet received my diploma. How can I get proof of completion to the Board?
  3. AWC/SDE - How long does it take for my records to update?
  1. New SDE 18.0 Program
  2. AWC/SDE - How is the new Edition 18 program different from the current 17.4 Edition?
  3. AWC/SDE - Can you give me a brief overview of the Air War College program? (Edition 18)
  4. AWC/SDE - The new program (Edition 18) has 9 courses, the old program (Edition 17) had 6. Does that mean the new program will require more hours of effort to complete?
  5. AWC/SDE - How will the elective format change in the new SDE program?
  6. AWC/SDE - How do I transfer from Edition 17 to Edition 18?
  7. More...
  1. PME Credit
  2. AWC/SDE - Can I get JPME Phase II for AWC Distance Learning?
  3. AWC/SDE - Can I get JPME Phase I or Army MEL I Credit for AWC Distance Learning?
  4. AWC/SDE - Will I receive a Master's Degree from the Air War College Distant Learning course?
  5. AWC/SDE - How do I get copies of my transcript?
  6. AWC/SDE - Can I get SDE credit for International AWC courses?
  7. More...
  1. Program Enrollment
  2. AWC/SDE - Military Program Enrollment (O5/O5 Select or higher)
  3. AWC/SDE - Civilian Program Enrollment
  4. AWC/SDE - How to create/access your AU Portal account.
  1. Reserve and Guard
  2. AWC/SDE - How many retirement points will I receive for completing the AWC DL program?
  3. AWC/SDE - How do our inactive points get credited to our record?
  4. AWC/SDE - Can my completion date be back-dated?
  5. AWC/SDE - Who do I contact if my ECI points have not updated in my records?
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